Diversity at Workplace

Work Place Diversity refers to a group of resources posing a diverse characteristics joining together in order to act for a common cause regardless of race, gender, ethnic group, age, sexual-orientation, organizational function, education and geographic location. Diversity is all about acknowledging, understanding, accepting and valuing differences as well as respecting what people bring on to the table that would prove vital for achieving success.
For a diverse task force to work effectively under a common floor as an organization, work place diversity plays an essential part, especially for any management team to take care of it. The worlds increasing globalization especially the way we look into the future, needs more interaction among people belonging to diverse backgrounds. People no longer live and work in an closed environment, they are now part of a global economy competing within a global framework.

Why we need to have a diverse workplace?
As the demography of workplace changes day by day and world market emerges, workplace diversity has become more of a business necessity than a public showcase of commitment to embrace the new changes. For a Business Reputation, Diversity in Workplace is important for employees to manifest itself in finding solutions of futuristic problems in a smart and efficient way leading to increased profits and opportunities.

1.Mutual Respect :- The foremost important aspect of Workplace Diversity is Mutual respect, which lays a foundation for a prosperous organization. People usually bring different ideology, thought process, energy and this fetch them respect form their colleagues and peers. Mutual Respect helps develop a competitive yet a positive environment for employees to unleash their talent.
2.Conflict Resolution :- Conflict under a common floor is inevitable. But its beneficial for the company to have healthy conflicts and competition rather than otherwise. Ability to resolve conflicts helps company to retain their invaluable resources and potentially minimizes the employee complaints.
3.Increased Exposure :- Usually an organization comprises of employees with different attitudes and outlook. Varying talents and resources, co-workers respect and acknowledge the exposure they are gaining because of workplace diversity.
4.Effective Execution:-The influx of ideas and strategies, enables companies to gain profits and higher returns. That’s why companies encourage workplace diversity in order to inspire their employees to perform at their highest ability.

Challenges of Work place Diversity?
Managing a diverse group of resources belonging to different groups could be a real deal. It would involve recognizing the value of differences, combating discrimination and promoting inclusiveness. Negative attitudes and behaviors could be an obstacle to be watch out for as it would disturb the work relationship and damage moral and overall productivity. A major step that could prove as a life saver could be understanding and effective management of certain skills necessary for productivity, understanding discrimination and its consequence, cultural bias.
Though there are no proven ways of achieving success but a judicious management, impartial judgment, mutual respect could prove operational for the dynamics of a workplace.

A diverse work place is a true reflection of embracing the changing world and growing marketplace. A diverse team brings creativity, innovative ideas, and competitive edge by creating a positive work environment and opening doors to new thoughts. These characteristics formulate the way a homogeneous team would think and process which could prove indispensible in achieving targets and reaching milestones.

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