Cross Cultural Experience – A Fundamental Need

Cross cultural Experience is an absolute necessity in today’s time. Cross Cultural experience is of paramount importance to establish social stability and harmony.
Cross culture exposure, especially to students will help a great deal in making the upcoming generation aware of its sole importance. Basically, Cross culture learning is a planned and evaluated learning experience that places a participant in an environment where learning is accomplished through active cultural interactivity with different people from different cultural or ethnic groups, knowing their language, religious beliefs and teachings their culture imparts to the society.
Cross cultural experience helps students to overcome several prevailing social stigma in the society. Students participating in this experiential learning will eventually have a clearer understanding and respect for other cultures, practices and diversity. The primary means of experiencing cross cultural values will be through internship, field visits, study abroad programs and cultural teachings. Cross Culture experience should include the opportunity to investigate the concept of culture and its impact on habits, behavior, beliefs, and values. Each and every student should have a chance to explore the culture, knowledge and its differences by making a keen observations and reflections.
The pre-requisites of learning cross-culture an optimistic approach, with a clear state of mind, which will help students a great deal in understanding the intricate diversities involved in different community. It mainly involves respect and understanding the custom and social norms of the host culture, class and ethnicity. Cross cultural learning is an honest and judicious approach of making an effort of closing the gap of religious barriers, social discrimination’s and eliminates the stereotypes.

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