Marwadi Education Foundation Group of Institutions(MEFGI): is situated in the state of Gujarat at Rajkot. The college aims to create leaders of tomorrow, who can address the dynamic society, add to the worth of country and can represent for global responsibilities. The college offers undergraduate and post graduate academic programs. Education at MEFGI is totally equipped with latest technology. At MEFGI, students are given various research and development projects where they come out with innovative technologies and inventions.

Together Edu Tourism Pvt Ltd had the privilege of organizing industrial visit for MCA students of Marwadi Group of Institutions, Rajkot. Enthusiasm of students and excitement was seen as they were about to visit some pretty amazing places. This tour gave them an opportunity to update their knowledge and had a memorable experience.

On 17th Aug, students arrived at Chennai and moved into a hotel and enjoyed their leisure time.

He next day ie.18th Aug, students visited Kaashiv Infotech, a company which provides real time experience and software knowledge to the young generation engineers. Students here had a chance to explore the knowledge and know about its prospective opportunities through Inplant training. Later after lunch they visited Chennai Museum, Valluvar Kottam. These museums and architectural marvel took students through different time period, showcasing artifacts and knowledge treasures and much more.

On 19th Aug after morning refreshments enthusiastic students we in for their industrial Visit to ITC-HTR. Later they visited Birla Planetarium, Snake Park, Marina Beach, and Express Avenue. It was certainly a wonderful experience for students to experience a whole lot of things.

The next day ie.20th Aug students went on to visit Mahabalipuram Beaches and Temples. It is certainly a place to visit. Ancient architecture of temple, precise stone carvings, artistic designs along white sandy beaches and beautiful views helped students to rejuvenate and refresh themselves.

It was the last day of tour on 21st Aug. After morning breakfast and refreshments they boarded the train at noon and return back to college.Students carried beautiful memories, cherished moments and certainly had a wonderful time.

As Together family we are happy to ensure success in Learning while having fun and experience through Edu trips for this wonderful batch of students who had an amazing time during the tour.


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