Prevailing Challenges of Education system for Disabled in India And Relevant Factors Influencing It.

Current Educational architecture for disabled and physically challenged section of our population has been failing significantly. These group has been a non-contributor to the country’s growth ever since. With a total of around 70 million of our current population disabled and challenged in one way or the other, India has failed significantly to eradicate the prevailing challenges that they have been facing for decades now. A ray of hope comes when a new Govt. is elected but all in vain. Every year each ruling Govt. has their own policies and they sanction a huge chunk of amount from Govt. treasure along with their ambitious project plans. But it never worked out at the ground level not at least on a large scale basis. People are deprived of their necessary benefits that they should have received, thanks to successive failures in implementing and other external influencing factors.
We need to start working from ground level once more by creating a concrete platform and need to understand why our deserving section of the society are still suffering, after investing huge amount of resources to bring the neglected section of the society into the main stream line. We all know that we have been failing in one way or the other in our efforts and the investments have been going to wrong pocket.
We as a community as well as Govt. should understand the imperative challenge and need to stabilize this section by making them realize that they are an integral part of country’s growth and their contribution is as much needed as from others and work out on a simpler way to channelize our resources. The initial steps could be:


Education has proven much a bigger challenge for the majority population and especially for physically challenged section. Lack of schools and colleges, relevant study materials, transportation and largely due to economic backwardness of the suffering. Most of our challenged sections of population of India are below poverty line, and hence they lure themselves into an easier ways of earning rather than looking into a bigger picture. Here the educated section of society and role of Govt. becomes utmost important. Channelizing people toward education will help the whole system as well as it will make easier for them to earn their livelihood. Considering experienced teachers, experiential learning, relevant study materials, meal plans and proper career guidance will help them grow as an individual and contribute to the nation.
Some other factors that play a major role in their quest to acquire knowledge are:

Social Stigma

Though we have moved ahead of a number of social barriers, but we still haven’t accepted the community of disabled. Neglecting and discarding the section of society may be a major factor dragging them behind. We need to learn accepting people and help them in every possible way, so that they don’t feel abandoned from the society’s main-stream. Moral support along with community support clubs are the things what they need the most, which will inspire them to move on the right track.

Better Transportation

Considering other factors, transportation ease is another segment which cannot be over looked. A whole infrastructure needs to be developed to provide a better facility for disables to commute. It’s a major factor that has been overlooked in the past, that has proved vital in the process of educating the mass and hence bringing them into picture.

Medical Facilities

Though we have provisions for medical facilities for challenged people but it gets difficult for them, as most of the hospitals are not equipped for providing advanced medical facility especially when an urgent situation arises or medical assistance is needed. Because of improper surveillance and routine check-ups, Govt.hospitals especially in rural areas doesn’t function properly. This has much to do with insufficient doctors and medical staffs, which results in poor health condition and lack of health awareness in rural areas which results in deaths due to diseases that could have been cured.

There are a lot of loops holes in our quest to bring challenged people into stream line but there has been some promising signs from the past decade but the effort has to be rapid to extend our help to a major section of the society that has been neglected for several decades. We need to join hands together for a common cause, people who can afford must make an effort in changing lives of those who can’t afford.

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