Why Plant tours?

In recent years, Managers and Corporate authorities have recognized the importance of plant tours and its significant impact on industrial productivity. The target completion at ground level is to be done by work force and it’s really important that they should have a proper understanding of all the sections of organization. In order to ramp up the productivity and increased customer satisfaction, managers and employees should understand the functionality of plants in a better way. Same goes for the students who should be given practical exposure and work insights of the company to make them updated in the current techniques and technologies used in large scale productivity. Real time experiences will eventually make a student understand the current matter in a much simpler way by taking references from the practical environment.

Lack of industrial exposure and professional expertise affects the most to the productive class of society especially in developing countries who suffer all the adverse effects. Unemployment and poverty are the biggest reality in terms of failure of streamlining our education system. Lack of plant knowledge creates fewer instances of problem solving abilities among professionals, as most of them are not aware of how the complete system works. Students and most professionals visiting industries for study or plant tours don’t have a clear idea of their intention of visit. Disinterested minds for experiential learning’s, even in a productive work culture is a waste of time and efforts.

The simple and the best solution for these problems to tackle with, is to relook into our system and provide equal importance to the practical aspects of learning. Imparting practical and interactive training to future talents of the nation and its implementation from ground level will resolve a majority of current prevailing problems. Organizing plant tours, seminars and operational teaching sessions will definitely prove to be a productive initiative. Most importantly selecting that group of people who are open mind to learn and have an appetite as well as hunger to gain the vast knowledge these practical sessions in industries has to offer.


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