Tour of BMW and Volkswagen in Germany

When we start talking about Germany, the first thing that comes in mind is its innovation and technical advancements in Automobile industry. German engineering has been recognized world over for its outstanding concept model cars with the latest trending technologies that makes its market uphold the major share in the world of cars. Safety, durable, reliable cars are the finished products of world class R&D infrastructure and its highly qualified employees aimed to achieve the greatness. With cutting edge technology and aerospace concept, Germany has ruled the automobile industry for the last few decades. Some of the best car companies are from this nation which has offered a lot to mankind. Some of these are BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and lots more.
Talking about resources, most of the developed countries like India and other Asian countries has a huge potential for advancement in automobile industry. Though the present automobile industry serves one of the major population in the whole world but in terms of technological advancements we are far behind from the rest of the world. To leave a mark in automobile sector with concept cars like hybrid and electric vehicles and its further improvement we should look back at our education system and the provisions we provide to the younger generation to deliver the goods.
A plant or industrial visit to the world’s best car maker companies like Volkswagen and BMW will give the necessary insights and motivation. These events will make students as well as professionals clarity of thoughts and new design and innovative concept. Exposure to cutting edge technology and work culture will give you clarity of though and motivate you to innovate and improve in every aspect of automobile industry.


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