Theory Vs Practical

When it comes to acquiring knowledge, there are a lot of ways in order to do so. And two of the most preferred ways are Theory and Practical learning’s. A combination of both will push a student or a professional beyond boundaries to achieve what he or she had dreamt for. In a real world, it’s better to have a detailed knowledge both of theory and practical to enjoy a fruitful success.
A human psychology works better if it can take references from his practical experience in order to co-relate with the unknown facts to understand the system. Both theory and practical knowledge acquisition go hand in hand for a complete development of an individual. There is always a clash and difference of opinion between people of the different hierarchy of knowledge. Our education system should focus on bringing students in a single streamline where there will not be a collision of opinion about differences of theory and practical spectrum of knowledge. Today the practical knowledge acquisition is largely neglected in the education system and it proves costly for students when they enter the job market. Lack of practical exposure leads to lack of job opportunities and ultimately youth unemployment.
There is an urgent need to provide exposure for the upcoming generation as well as for the current working professionals to discover the knowledge that practical and experiential learning has to offer. The learning’s from practical experiences can be implemented in a much better way in theory by students and it will definitely help them to develop them personally and professionally. A better understanding of real life problems and past practical references to resolve the current problems by the future talents of a nation will help its economy and growth in an upscale.


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