Impact of Experiential Learning in the current Education system

Experiential learning is a process that helps students to implement their theoretical knowledge into the real-time environment. This process allows the students to apply their knowledge and conceptual understanding on the practical aspect of things. The classroom and laboratories can serve as a setting for experiential learning through embedded activities such as case and problem-based studies, guided inquiry, simulations, experiments, or art projects.
One of the major drawbacks prevailing in the current education system is student exposure to outside resources and practical experience. Students with major qualification are still not able to get a well-paid job or are struggling to survive in one. In this competitive job market knowledge along with proper skills and implementation at the workplace is a must. The educational system and job requirements are on a completely different path these days. The major issue is the lack of practical exposure. People with “niche skills” are the most preferred resources. Theoretical and practical knowledge should go hand in hand to make students achieve the success they aim for.
The learning curve of students goes remarkably high when students are given opportunities to learn in an authentic situation on campus or in the community like those provided in internships, field visits, industrial visits, research and service-learning projects. These experiential learning will make students measure their depth of knowledge and will also help them to analyze themselves.
One of the significant impacts will be on their academic performance and overall growth of the students- personally and professionally. They can understand the academic content in a much better way by taking references from the practical experience. This will not only motivate them to unlock the realm of ideas but will also help them to explore and invent things that will ultimately push towards personal satisfaction and make a better place for the world to live in.


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