Exclusive seminar for the first time in India on Experiential Learning and Certification Program by professionals from STEM Academy of USA

STEM  Academy of U.S.A. Inc proudly invites you to the One Day  STEM workshop, to be held for the first time, in Bangalore, India.
STEM Academy has been the undisputed leaders pioneering the concept of Experiential Learning in the world, based at U.S.A.  In India, STEM academy has made greater strides in major cities like Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chennai to name a few, in imparting newer techniques of learning major subjects like  Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and through a novel and creative learning methods.  It is truly said, that “Success is driven not only by what you know but by what can we do with what you know”.
STEM – CREATIVE GENIUS OF INTERDISCIPLINARY HANDS-ON EDUCATION provides a unique platform for the Academic Owners, Principals, Science and Mathematics Teachers to understand Creative Innovation –   the world of Experiential Learning from STEM Academy founders, U.S.A.
So We look forward you to depute your teachers, colleagues and team members to be a part of this day’s workshop.
This is STEM certified workshop. To participate, click here (https://goo.gl/forms/NydAn12a1wdxez8K2)
As the seats are very limited, we encourage you to fill in your details as early as possible. We look forward to the pleasure of hearing from you.
Registration and Venue details would be confirmed shortly.


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