Industrial Visitation

India is the center for education excellent in ASIA. Towards this end various educational facilities and infrastructure has been established.

So Explore the industry, learn new skills, Go on an Adventure….

Believed the world’s largest youth population needs industrial-driven, experimental learning, to shape their future.

As we all know that Together Edu Tourism provides new opportunities to engineering, research and management students that is industrial visitation. this industrial visit focuses on theoretical knowledge to a practical knowledge and research.industrial visit

While doing any experiment or project, it is more important to have practical knowledge, this is possible through visiting the industries. Industrial visit is a part of the professional courses during which students visit companies and get in sight of an internal working environment of the company. Industrial visit is considered as one of the most tactical method of teaching. More over it gives exposure to academic point of view.

In industrial visit the organizer will take a group of students in to a premises of various industries, providing them information about the  background of companies  and their current position in to the global business scenario.

The aim of such visit is to:

  •   Explore to practical working environment.
  •   Make students aware with industrial practice
  •   Increase practical awareness of various industrial sector .
  •   Helps students to see the future place in working world.
  •   Helps to enhance their interpersonal skills and communications
  •   Helps to understand the do’s and dont’s of industrial visit .
  •   Acquaint student with interesting facts and breath taking technologies.

The program includes:

  •   Well planned industrial visit which sticks to the pre–set of literary
  •   Focuses on the concepts that the students needs to learn
  •   Hands on activities in industry
  •   Fun can go a long way
  •   Provide with trained facilities to assists you in trip.





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