Coffee Tour & Spices Tour

Students get enough of the acrid and putrid flavors of the city garbage and increasing pollution. One cannot see an approaching end to the ever enhancing pollutants all around us. But an escapade could always be planned to serine places where the greenery still exists and the serenity in its air is yet to turn acrid.

The fact is Indian coffee and most spices are primarily raised in shade in order to harvest best quality harvest. Thus, the plantations help in preserving vast number of tall trees to provide shade for coffee shrubs and spice plantations, enabling a better ecology to prevail in the entire area. Hence the eco tourism has its own flourish in India.

We at Together Edu Tourism Pvt Ltd (TETPL) have planned eco tours and named them Coffee Tour and Spice Tours where you can taste the nature by having plantation walks and by experiencing the actual picking/ harvesting, and processing of coffee and spices. These tours are often coupled with the tang of local cuisine and plantation stays. While you learn about the harvesting and processing, you can have a lot of fun by playing native games too. Choose a tent house or tree house to experience the little shrill-lullabies of crickets, cicadas and katydids.

Do not forget to indulge yourself sipping that divine portion of freshly brewed coffee and make sure to take few souvenirs of whole spices from their native soil.

Combine this with Agro Tour as well to make it a whole cascade of fun and experience the green tours together!


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