Fashion Tour

“The Difference Between Style and Fashion is Quality”

Know all about fashion, textile and more. Right from the basic fabric manufacture into yards of cloth woven from them, to its designing intricacies, we will have it covered them all. We call it “Fashion Tour”.

Fashion Technology is a course that equips students with a unique blend of technical and professional knowledge and skills in the fields of Fashion Technology and Apparel Manufacturing, with the intricate lab techniques in its syllabus. The relevant industrial visits help them to visualize the lab techniques which work for revenue generation and serve as an idea furnace which help them be clarified about their career path.

We at Together Edu Tourism Pvt Ltd (TETPL) conduct educational field visits to the sites of actual fabric manufacturing and related units where students can experience all that they read from their class notes. Textile, Pattern Making, Jewelry Making are few of the many arenas that we devise our educational trips on.

TETPL has an extensive pre-researched companies and production units which come handy when you choose the specific places for industrial visits. You name the generic places of visit and we can give you the fashion indulged companies and production facilities, or related research organizations which knowledge feed you for your Edu Tour. Or if you have a specific learning-site in mind, we run through our database and can get the permission for the industrial visitation intended. Our tour ranges from one day trips to more than 15 days. We always recommend you the visit along sight-seeing spots which combines Fun, Frolic & Joy along with academic visitations.

As always, in fashion technology and related sciences,

…… Fun and learn blends well together!Slide119

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