Bio and Natural Sciences Tour

 “Finer aspects of life need exploration. They cost more than in-situ lab studies.”

Knowledge tours emanating the customizable mix of technical aspects of BIOTECHNOLOGY and the historic healing attributes of AYUSH are combined to biotech-labform “Bio & Natural Sciences Tour”.

The Bio Component of “Bio & Natural Sciences Tour”:

Biotechnology is an active, fast-growing and fast pacing industry that relies on a strong network of contributing companies and institutions. This industry ensures the usage of best available technology, machines and techniques for their most effective product placement since uniqueness is the key to success in Biotechnological field.

Though theimg_7708 syllabus covers most of the techniques and the lab has all the equipment for Biotechnological studies, there is a constraint to their accessibility due to few limitations in college lab. Limitation may be cost oriented, or the volume of availability might be more suited to industrial usage. Hence the industrial visits to know more about the lab techniques or visual learning of the actual equipment becomes a necessity.

We at Together Edu Tourism Pvt Ltd (TETPL) have a strong database as a resultant of extensive research on the unique selling points of the companies. We also have tie ups with best in the lot of companies and Research institutes which boast of their technology in their uniqueness of production. Hence, we are your best choice when it comes to Industrial visit/ Biotechnology zoomEdu Tours.

Unveil the prominent industrial biotechnological methods with Industrial visits. We provide the choice of companies when you name the aspects of Biotechnology to be focused on. Our tour ranges from one day trips to more than 15 days. Combined with the prominent places of sightseeing along the travel- route, the students are sure to memorize the technological aspects when blended well with leisure.

The Natural Sciences Component of “Bio & Natural Sciences Tour”:

Nayushatural sciences are derived from the science of living. We have classified Naturopathy and Ayush to build our Natural Sciences component.

Naturopathy treats human beings as the epitome of Universe. Naturopathy believes that unless there is harmony between body, mind and spirit, one cannot enjoy healthy life. AYUSH combines Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy. Education and Research in this field is picking ayurvedaup pace and is a matter of immense curiosity to them who practice conventional medicine. Its educational standards, quality control and standardization of drugs, improving the availability of medicinal plant material, research and development lacks a proportionate fit when carried out only inside classroom.

We at TETPL have a profound knowledge about adding the research attributes to learning these natural sciences. Based on the curriculum requirement we design the Edu tours which are tailor-made to suit the additional learning needs.

beach-yogaYou name the generic places of visit and we can give you the famous Natural Sciences- Schools/ Research centers which knowledge feed you for your Edu Tour. Or if you have a specific learning-site in mind, we run through our database and can get the permission for the industrial visitation intended. Our tour ranges from one day trips to more than 15 days. Combined with the prominent places of sightseeing along the travel- route, the students are sure to memorize the learning aspects when blended well with leisure.


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