The Bouldered Beauty of Stonehenge

A little article from Brittany of Boston, on the stonehenge- A historical mystery

Brittany From Boston

Standing powerfully and inflexibly in place for over 5000 years, Stonehenge continues to amaze visitors and onlookers. The mystery surrounding this site is endless. We don’t know where the stones came from, who erected them and how, or why they were put here in this formation. There is an degree of strength and intelligence that we can assume about the people who lived here and created Stonehenge, though. And we can probably assume that the stones signified an important space, whether it was a religious grounds, or the center of village commerce, or perhaps even a burial space. It is this mystery and opportunity for speculation that draws people in.


Driving out to the Stonehenge grounds from London or nearby Bath, I see the striking lack of diversity to this land. We pass by farm after farm and field after field, the rolling green hills unfolding endlessly before us. The…

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