Archi Tour

“Sight-seeing can involve anyone. But it takes a keen group of people to discuss about the collective knowledge gained through it”

Understanding architecture is deciphering a tale of evolution of an art. These arts tell the hidden tales about the empires that they have been ruled, over and over again. Without a guided tour, these gentle gestures of architecture go unheard.

In India it is a great experience to know the story firsthand, at the places of the monuments. Whatever touched Indian Architecture in its long course of development practically grew into it bringing out its brighter colors in each successive phase. Together Edu Tourism Pvt. Ltd. (TETPL) brings you the ARCHI TOURs where the group is taken to heritage places and architectural wonders to reveal their history, technology involved in building them and the group gets to know more about the different styles of architecture.

“Bringing History into reality”

The Indian architectural form developed into a full-fledged architecture before the beginning of Christian era and the Indian architecture reached its zenith during the early medieval times with temple architecture. Influence of empires and their architectural styles brought out the brilliance of Indian Architecture in each successive phase. On one hand are world famous forts, palaces, tombs and caves, and on the other hand are structures still cloaked in obscurity, off the tourist circuit, waiting to be ‘discovered’.

“Architecture Begins Where Engineering Ends & Human Value Awakens”

Archi Tours organized by TETPL takes a leap ahead to cover the modern architecture as well, which is based on the “rational use” of modern materials.

Our tours are guided by an architectural historian who can interpret the outstanding ancient sculptures and architectural gems. Find out not only about city history, urban layout, architecture, but also about the social and cultural backgrounds. These architecture tours will introduce you to explore the unique and fascinating architecture, reflecting the diversity and imagination of people who lived during the times they were built.

Tell us where your interest lies and how many days you have; although no duration of time is enough in India, we will design a tour for you meticulously selecting sites and locations that best satiate the architecture lover in you. You may choose to follow a particular style of architecture or survey a broader range of buildings, the best that India has to offer. We will assist you every step of the way….


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