Agro Tours

Agricultural tourism is a niche tourism that has caught travelers’ attention in many parts of the world. India being a major agricultural country despite its technological marathon and a next green revolution of the country around the corner, there has never been better time to kick-start Agro Tour!!!

The objective of AGRO TOUR is to create awareness not just among the Indians but also travelers from around the world to know about our agricultirrigated-landure and its abundance.

Know how the food is produced. Have no more confusions about whether our cereals grow on plants and radishes grow inside soil. Meet farmers and talk to them about what goes into food production. Fun and knowledge is blended when you visit a farm. With your feet having a chance to be cuddled on a fertile soil, you shall carry back home marked memoirs of having spent your value-time fruitfully.. Be it feeding a calf, a cob of corn on field, or an apple without any chemical coat that you could pluck right off from its tree!wheat-field-scene

Experience farming in person whether you stay in our luxury tents or in simple shared guest rooms. Amidst nature’s beauty and farm life-simplicity, you are guaranteed tranquil and a unique experience. Simple home cooked meal, friendly staff, farm and Research center visits, folk lore, native arts and games are few among the many that we have to offer just for you.

Agro-Tourists can choose a wide range of activities that include fruits and vegetable picking, bullock cart rides, spending time with livestock, village fairs and festivals, farmer’s markets, or shopping the village artifacts and hand-crafted gifts. You can also tantalize your taste buds with local cuisine served on native plates!

Our Customizable menu

  • Camping
  • Farm Stay
  • Spice Tours
  • Food walks
  • Livestock visit
  • Nature treks
  • Native games
  • Plantation Visits
  • Adventure activities
  • Traditional cuisine

& many more which is tailored on order….

Our Tours Range from 1 day visit to 15 or more days.


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