10 tips for Packing while travel

Here are few tips which will help you as a beginning checklist to travel with luggage:

  • A pouch or two of silica gel can keep your luggage moisture free.
  • Avoid tangled wires; Keep them in separate cases/ covers. (DIY: Old chocolate box/ Perfume Box/ Spectacles case or even a visiting card case can be sufficient to hold all your charges and earplugs individually)
  • Girls alert! Keep your dangling earrings, necklaces or any other jewelry in pill containers/ separate boxes.
  • Did you know? Clothes rolled, accommodates more clothes than clothes folded.

Roll your Clothes; Don't Fold while arranging

  • Your shoes in baggage can soil your bright clothes. Roll those pairs with a tissue/ Newspaper.
  • While packing any delicate item, roll them with tissue paper/ News paper first (Rolled Socks could suffice too).
  • Mark your bag “Fragile” if you are afraid of any delicate item inside. That helps in airplane travels. Your bag gets loaded on top layers, avoiding damage.
  • Always make sure of few empty plastic bags/ covers in your baggage. You never know what you may need them for!
  • For anything that may be runny if presses, like creams, makeup pallets or toiletries, pack them in zip lock covers (Make sure they are “travel-sized”)
  • Keep all your delicate belongings in midst of your clothes to avoid breakage

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