Archi Tour

Its a famous saying, “World is a book. Those who do not travel, read only a page”. It is farther more literally applicable to Architectural students and people who are fond of the ‘building art’ in layman terms.

Filling your quota of knowledge at Machu Pichu with its serenity and their unique architecture for defense speaking out right from its foggy mountains, sun kissed view of kukulkan pyramid architecture in chichen itza, ruins of mausoleum of first Qin Emperor of China, A splendid view of the Almafi coast from a hill side and then climbing on its platform to explore about its architecture, or getting amazed of putting your feet on the only man made object visible from space beyond atmosphere, The Great Wall of China or the feel of a king of architecture when you stand on the Barcelona rooftop of Casa-mila…. woooohoooo… !!!… there are so many heritage sites to explore.

What if you get to see all about what you have studied in your texts? Your places of interests coupled with fun of visiting a new country and opening up to its architecture itself provides you an awesome experience. You are sure to bring back home a bag full of recurring implementable imaginations when you kick-start your career!


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