Tours for Medical Residents


Learn More; Participate in seminars and workshops. Visit Medical research centers with thorough guidance. Sightseeing included.

There is a Sanskrit saying “वैद्यो नारायणो हरिः” (Vaido Naarayano Harih); that, the Doctors are Gods themselves. Irrefutable faith in their knowledge about ailments and their possible cures heed trust. More they learn, more they broaden their knowledge about medicine in vogue and more is their contribution towards healing the world.

We @Together Edu Tourism open up Medical students to an entry to the new world. We specifically cater to tours for Medical residents. Concentrating on functionalities of Medical research centers and colleges, our tours are packed with seminars and workshops. And away from the medical element, we let you explore these fascinating destinations and cultures through expert guides who easily gel with your peers highlighting the cultural, ecological, and even sometimes gastronomical, aspects of the region.

Based on the clientele requirement, we modify our tours to fit in the schedule that is opted for. With Together Edu Tourism, there will be no hassle for searching commutes and delays in schedule when you reach the destined places.

Explore more. Explore together! Benefit Maximum!!




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