Green Tours

Call them Green tours. Call them ecotourism. They finally boil down to Conservation and sustainability. We are living on no futuristic inexhaustible earth. We need to learn to live with minimum destruction and all possible constructive ways. Recreation, leisure and travel are no exceptions for the same.GreenTour

We at Together Edu tourism have tailor made a Travel- Mix which evenly constitutes of Conservation, preservation of local interests and a substantial Eco-learning to students. Where we keep educational recreation as a matter of supreme importance, we give equal weightage to comfort, food and security.

Whether it is a part of Educational field trip or a planned Eco tour, we always excel with our expertise. What can be better for a green tour more than a walk through the greenest Tea/Coffee/Spice plantations followed by a knowledge visit to their processing plants? A green route trek for the next day will help the students imbibe their learning on the previous day. And the tour continues with adventure, learning and recreation. Students and faculty carry over tones of joyous knowledgeable memories back home.

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