Hi World! Its Us!

What is meant to be will always find its way.

We are an Exclusive Edutourism company based in Bangalore.

We are networked with major companies to ensure the best industrial knowledge & real time experience. We specially concentrate on Student Category, in order to give them the best of the Industrial exposure & practical knowledge.

As a continuity of our valuable services we have stepped into Educational Field Trips (EFT) and International Internship, called as the Study – Intern Program.Together Edutourism

Educational Field Trips (EFT) is an integral part of the curriculum at any school, Field trips are organized periodically to broaden the horizons of the students. Children eagerly look forward to their field trips and excursions which provide a right combination of learning and entertainment. They provide ample opportunities to optimize concept development through active and exploratory experiences and at the same time enhance their interpersonal skills as they learn to interact with their peers, teachers and other adults outside the realms of the regular classroom.

The Study-Intern Program was conceived for the many people who are passionate about foreign cultures and wish to improve their foreign language communication while making social and professional contacts for the future in overseas for two to three months. It is an economic solution for those who wish to combine exposure to people, life and pleasure with something more practical.

Future is always built by rummaging through the past. All these Edu- travels that we conduct are exploring possibilities of excelling.


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